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Williamsburg Behavioral Arts offers an array of services to help people find solutions to life’s challenges and lead more joyful lives. Dedicated to excellence in behavioral health practice, we provide individual psychotherapy to adolescents and adults of all ages. We also have expertise in helping couples repair and rekindle their relationships. Whether you’re looking for relief from symptoms, seek answers about your behavioral health, or simply want to improve your quality of life or receive additional support for your goals, we look forward to helping you achieve your optimal well-being.

We are conveniently located in downtown Williamsburg, a short walk from Colonial Williamsburg and The College of William and Mary. We offer routine day and evening appointments and can accommodate weekend appointments by special arrangement. If you’re reading this, then you’re already one step closer to the change you desire. Are you ready?

I feel like I never truly accepted who I was until I broke into a million pieces, and had the opportunity to put the pieces back together the way they were meant to be all along. None of this would have been possible without Dr. Heyliger's expertise, guidance and empathy.
Amanda, age 23
Renee, Katherine is doing much better. As you know, we were both in a desperate situation. We appreciate all that you did.
Brent, father of 15-year old client
Dr. Renee is a very kind and considerate. She takes her time to understand you and work with you to promote positive change in your life. I have never worked well with therapists, but Dr. Renee was a breath of fresh air and is a safe bet for anybody who needs a helping hand.
Dylon, age 22
Renee counseled me through a very tough year; I appreciated her calming presence and her ability to cut through the clutter to give me new ways to think about old patterns.
A.A., age 47
Dr. Heyliger is very compassionate, caring and dedicated to her patients needs.
R.M., age 52
Renee, your professionalism, experience and compassion were apparent right from the start. I felt secure and comfortable sharing my concerns and fears, hopes and dreams with you and the guidance I received led me to be able to make some much needed decisions.
K.G., age 53
Renee creates a hospitable environment, and adopts a manner, that immediately puts me at ease. I'm in a transition period in my life; I've very much appreciated having an objective viewpoint to consult. My experience with Renee has lightened my load, and given me focus. I feel like I finally know what I want-- not just what people tell me to want.
Molly, age 23
I was skeptical about going to see Dr. Renee because in my past experience every therapist I've seen had not fully understood me as a individual and were very 'By The Book' with their counseling methods. But after talking with Dr. Renee she helped me set goals for myself, which with her adaptability to my personality, I am happy to say I have exceeded my own expectations thanks to her. She really cares about the people she counsels. She is excellent at not only encouraging you to be the person you want to become, she will taper a plan of action specifically for you based off of your needs, address your fears, and show you that if you want something bad enough, a change in your life, be happier, live for today. Dr. Renee will give you the support and guidance you want, and truly need to get you to where you want to be inside and out. If it wasn't for her professionalism and nurturing demeanor I would still be suffering from depression, social anxiety, and PTSD. But Dr. Renee helped me set obtainable goals, and then worked with me patiently until I not only obtained every goal we set, but I surpassed them. Thanks to Dr. Renee I am happier, more confident, on less medications, and optimistic about my life once again. I owe my personal success and results I never dreamed I ever thought possible to her understanding and tapered methods, specially designed for me to reach a level of happiness I have not had it nearly 15 years. And I am thankful to her for not seeing me as a patient, but as a individual who is my own person, and then guiding me to bring out the best in myself that I no longer believed I had. Today I am a better and happier person thanks to her with nothing but optimism in my future.
Simion, age 37
Renee, I believe my wife and I reached a new level of understanding under your care. The key to it that no other clinical care professional that I have been to accomplished was that you were able to take the doctor out of the equation. Either you understood the importance of listening to each other, or your method of facing us to each other as we talked worked to teach us both that when we thought we were listening, we weren’t really – we were just gathering time and waiting for our turn to get what we wanted out of the discussion. We have had very few arguments since learning this, as we are both able to stop ourselves and listen, or at least tell the other person that they are not listening, which reminds him/her of their inherent listening shortfall. Thanks again for your help.
Marc, age 58

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